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Условия и Положения


  1. Complete and send the Online Application Form. Arrange for the payment of a minimum of €300 deposit & registration fees per child per session. Please note that no booking will be confirmed until the deposit has been received.
  2. We will confirm your booking and send you an invoice for the final payment together with a comprehensive information pack about the programme(s) you have booked.
  3. After May 30th Full payment is required. Bookings received after May 30th , therefore, must be accompanied by full payment
  4. Extra night: Children arriving a day earlier or departing a day later than the normal dates of the programme session may do so by prior arrangement only. In this case a supplement of € 60 per child per night will be added to the invoice.

If a client wishes to pay by Bank transfer , then please contact us at info@englishquestcamp.com, to provide you with details of our bank account (fees are charged to the client)

Booking and Cancellation conditions

Please read these important booking conditions for your comfort and security.

  1. Making a booking:
    1. All bookings are made with English Quest Camps
    2. No booking is confirmed until English Quest has received a booking form and the required deposit or the full payment for the programme ( if booking made after May 30th).
    3. The person making the booking confirms to English Quest that he or she has the authority of a parent or legal guardian of each child and the authority to contract with English Quest Camp on behalf of each child on the basis of these conditions and have agreed to be bound by them.
    4. This contract is subject to the laws of the country where each camp is situated.
    5. No changes may be made relating to these conditions except in writing by an officer or the director of English Quest Camp.
      Администрация English Quest имеет право отменить или скорректировать любую из предложенных сессий, если количество студентов, уже зарегистрировавшихся за 4 недели до начала сессии, меньше 15. Все студенты, зарегистрировавшиеся на сессию, которая может будет отменен, будет проинформирован об этом не менее чем за 4 недели до начала сеанса. Уже зарегистрированным студентам будут предложены следующие варианты:
      1. Возврат уплаченной суммы за вычетом регистрационного сбора.
      2. Ваучер с оплаченной суммой, который можно использовать для бронирования в любой из наших будущих программ в течение следующего года.
    6. If cancel due to covid:
      by 30 may, we keep the registration fee.
      After 30 may, 1 week before start of programme, We keep cost of accommodation for 1 week: 245€
  2. Payment , cancellation and refund policy :
    1. Full payment for the program booked, including extra services, must be received by May 30th. English Quest Camp reserves the right to cancel the reservation, without refund of the deposit , if this condition is not adhered to. Payments made online are processed by an external payments processing provider, and there’s a payment processing charge up to 3% that’s paid by the client.
    2. 30 days and less before the camp begins – 100% of the final invoice must be paid.
    3. No refund will be made for any reason once a programme has started.
    4. If cancellation is made 15 days or less before the start of the program, then a refund will be made, minus the cost of one week.
    5. If a cancellation is made more than 15 days before start of program, then a full refund will be provided, minus registration fees and any bank charges.
  3. Parents’ responsibilities. Parents or guardians accept full financial responsibility for anyone they register in English Quest Camp for the following cases:
    1. Damage caused, whether willful or not , to facilities, equipment clothing or anything else belonging to or leased by English Quest Camp.
    2. Repatriation expenses for any person having to be sent home or to a designated place, due to illness, accident , misbehavior or any other reason deemed valid by English Quest Camp.
    3. Any pocket money or any purchase of a personal nature made on behalf of the child for anything not expressly included in the Programme package.
    4. Children’s behavior – Children, while under full supervision of English Quest Camp , are expected to comply with all English Quest Camp rules and regulations. English Quest Camp reserves the right to send any child home or to his/her parents, if in the opinion of English Quest Camp , the child is incompatible with the general well-being of the camp through his/her ignoring of said rules and regulations. In this case, all travel costs would be the responsibility of the parent or guardian and no refund of camp fees would be considered.
    5. Adverse weather conditions – English Quest Camp cannot be responsible for weather conditions that negatively affect the children’s ability to participate in activities offered in any of the Camps’ programmes. If published activities are cancelled for any reason, English Quest Camp will do everything possible to find alternative activities for the children.
    6. Cancellation or modification of programmes – English Quest Camp reserves the right to cancel or modify any programme or programmes listed in our brochure or site because of an insufficient number of participants or for any other reason beyond its control. If this rare event occurs, English Quest Camp will offer to our children the choice of an alternative camp programme.
    7. Booking Changes – Any changes in the booking of a student , after the initial confirmation sent, will have an extra charge of 20 euro administrative fees. Also, must be noted that, even though English Quest Camp will do its best to accommodate the changes needed, this may not always be possible and it is subject to availability. In addition, any changes made 2 weeks or less before the start of the program then it is possible that the student may have to pay higher price depending on availability of accommodation and courses.

Various other Conditions

Guarantee Deposit

Upon arrival, each child needs to pay a deposit 50 euro which will cover any damages occured by the child during his/her stay . This deposit will be refunded to the child on the last day before departure, given that no damages occured at the hotel or school premises or facilities.

Medical release

English Quest Camp shall have full authority to take whatever action it deems necessary to safeguard the health and well-being of the child at parent ‘s or guardian’s expense.


Students ,needing a visa for entry in the country where our camps are situated, must apply for a visa in their country before arrival to Camp. Documents from English Quest Camp needed for the issuing of visa will be sent after receiving full payment. In case of visa refusal, a full refund will be made, minus 120 euro and any bank/postal charges, 30 days after a proof of visa refusal was provided.


All students before arrival in Cyprus should get a travel insurance. A copy of the insurance should be sent by mail to our Camp before arrival at our Camps.

Airport Transfers

All the flight details of the student should be provided to us at least 1 week before arrival. Any changes in flight should be provided at least 2 days prior the flight date. If information is not provided as described here, then we have no responsibility for any delays in transfer. The Larnaca airport transfers (both ways) are included in the price of the programme, except during the hours of 22.00-07.00. The extra charge during these hours is 15 euro per child.
The transfers from any other airports ( Pafos/Cyprus, Barcelona, Valencia, Madrid/Spain) have an extra charge depending on the airport.

Unaccompanied Minors (UM)

Any unaccompanied minor students will be met by an English Quest Camp representative upon arrival, and will be escorted to the Camp residences. So, it is important that we are informed 2 days or more before arrival of this fact.
There is an UM escort service charge of 40 euro per child each way.

Curfew Time for Students

For ages 16+ : Sunday-Thursday 11.00 pm Friday-Saturday 11.30 midnight
For ages under 16: Sunday-Thursday 10.30 pm Friday-Saturday 11.00pm

Pocket Money

Parents should make sure that they provide enough pocket money to their children. On average, 100 euro per each week of stay should be sufficient.
In case of emergencies, our Camp will provide extra pocket money, and the amount should be transferred to our bank account.

Official Website

Our official website is: www.englishquestcamp.com . We do not bear any responsibility for any information provided by any other site that does not belong to our Camp.
24 – Hour Emergency Number
The following number + 357 97734397 should be used by parents in case of emergency cases to inform their children.

Promotional materials

Parents’ consent is provided(once a booking was paid) and English Quest Camp reserves the right to use any photographs, art work , etc , of the children on its website and in any of its future publications.